Features of the Dreamweaver CS4 and Its Training

What is Dreamweaver CS4 training?

It is important first to give a description of what Dreamweaver is before attempting to explain what Dreamweaver CS4 training is all about. Dreamweaver is a great web application that is used to easily develop simple to complex websites easily. It is an all inclusive visual development tool that can be used in the designing and coding of HTML and CSS to come up with the best and professional looking website pages even if you don’t have the best HTML coding experience. The application makes it easy for you to use the drag-and-drop editor in creating good looking web pages without the use of any code.

What does CS4 training entail?

Dreamweaver CS4 training is basically the training that is given to people who want to learn about Dreamweaver. Beginners of the course are usually given short tutorials that will enable them to get going in web design. Some of the things that beginners of the course are trained about include the following;

·         The structure of a website.

·         The phases of website design.

·         How they can work with HTML layout.

·         How they can work with text in HTML.

·         How they can layout web pages with CSS.

·         How they can do style page elements with CSS.

·         How they can easily style web page text with CSS.

·         How they can make a hyperlink.

There are a number of Dreamweaver course training organizations that offer online Dreamweaver CS4 courses to those who wish to learn it. If you are interested in learning the course you should go for a training organization that offers appealing features to its students. You will be able to identify a good Dreamweaver course provider by simply looking at its packages to its students. Most of the good training organizations will provide their students the following salient features; free course repeats of up to six months, up to six months of online access to eLearning course content, efficient help desk support, and also complimentary pre-course assessments.

What to consider when opting for a Dreamweaver CS4 course provider

When choosing any Dreamweaver CS4 course provider you should look at what it will offer you to learn the course effectively. Below are some of the important things that a good Dreamweaver course provider should have for you to consider choosing it;

  •   The course provider must be authentic and the best way to prove its authenticity is off course if it is a registered training organization. Any training organization that is not registered will not offer you quality training.
  •   The course provider should have experienced and certified trainers and not inexperienced people as trainers who may mislead you.
  •   Its scheduled training courses should be public.
  •   Its training should be customized to meet your unique needs.
  •   It should feature client-site training.
  •   It should also feature a kind of seminar style learning.

At the end of your Dreamweaver CS4 course you should be able to do the following easily:

  • Be able to explore the Dreamweaver interface with ease.
  • You should be able to build a website and also define it.
  • Work with web pages easily.
  • Have some knowledge with cascade style sheets (CSS).
  • Find it easy to work with images and tables.
  • Be able to import data from other applications.
  • Be able to work easily with links.
  • Be able to upload a website.

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