House Designs and Lighting: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Skylights

In the house design industry, going green is all the rage these days. Changing the plumbing fixtures, lighting equipment, choosing environment-friendly components like wood, utilizing recycled antiques as decorations are some of the main ways to follow the green trend in house designs. With regards to the lighting fixtures, the top fixtures that are on the list of many green alternatives are installing custom skylights. If you are in Australia and checking the internet for velux windows styles and roof windows Melbourne installation experts in your area, read on this article to see the pros and cons of installing custom skylights.

What are the effects of skylights?

How do you get both a beautiful view of the night sky and natural sunshine while minimizing your electricity bill? All these positive effects are the result of installing commercial skylights on your house roof as an alternative source of daylight. Allowing natural light into a room from overhead while contributing to the beauty of the structural design of our house are only some of the major effects of skylights. But there are also some cons you need to consider before calling in for custom skylights installations.

Take a few moments to consider these several advantages and disadvantages of skylights:


· Aesthetics – one of the ways that you can increase the selling value of your house is by installing skylights that can add beauty to the overall architectural design. If in case you’re selling the house with skylights, your house will be one of the top options for the house buyers since the feature is unique and not all houses on their list of potential ones have it.

· Natural lighting – for the environmentally aware house residents, adding skylights as lighting options can give you natural light and warmth at absolutely no cost each day. Not to mention its help to lessen your electricity bill.

· Beautiful view of nature – no house resident and/or house guest can resist the beauty of a nice view of the clouds in the day and the stars at night.

· Flexible design to cater house needs – skylights come in different designs like a hinged window type, rain sensors, or automatic open and close feature.


· Not very useful in the winter season – skylights can give off the heat your fireplace can produce during the cold season. There might also be water condensation happening on the window if it is glass.

· Kept closed during very hot summer days – although a good view of the sky during a beautiful sunny day is good, to keep cool during the humid days, you need to keep the skylights closed as to not let any intense sunlight in the house that will render your air conditioning useless.

· Roof leaks – if the skylight or velux windows are not properly installed by the expert, they might be responsible for roof leak situations. Roof maintenance will be added to your list of expenses so always trust the expert installers for skylights.

· Skylight maintenance – skylights are usually located on the ceiling, making them quite difficult to reach when it needs to be cleaned. You still need to use a ladder to clean and maintain them. Also, they are considered as the type of furnishing that is constantly exposed to sunlight so they have a tendency to fade quickly.

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