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To the HR Manager | Setting Pre-employment Medical Guidelines and Screenings

In business, the most valuable resource is human resources. Employees execute the business processes and make sure that the company’s products and services are suitable for the customer’s expectations.

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Thus, a company needs to establish a culture of quality that starts with those charged with governance. In the human resources department, a good HR manager must establish quality guidelines in the hiring, firing, and nurturing of company talents.

One quality assurance guideline is the implementation of pre employment medical examinations.

Here are some tips and suggestions for establishing a pre-employment medical requirement for hiring new employees.

Craft goals and objective

Before implementing a policy, the HR manager together with the HR team should set goals and objectives in implementing a pre employment medical exam.

The goal must focus on the long-term effect of this policy on the company. The HR must look into the impact of this policy in the company as a whole.

Possible Goal Statement: 

To ensure that new employees possess the required physical and mental attributes as the company sees fit for the job offered

The objectives must focus on the short-term effect of this policy on the company. The HR department must look at the positive and negative implications of medical requirements in the hiring process.

Possible Objectives:

  • Identify existing medical conditions of prospective employees
  • Evaluate the physical and mental fitness of potential employees concerning the company’s requirements
  • Assess the risk of future health hazards that can affect the prospective employee’s work performance

Establish implementing rules and regulations

After crafting goals and objectives, the HR department must create implementing rules and regulations (IRRs) to smoothly implement the policy.

If the HR requires a flu vaccination before employment, what are the steps and measures that needed to be in place to implement this policy?

HR may create a flowchart or a narrative of the nature of the requirement to serve as a guide for HR specialists.

Possible IRRs:

  • The prospective employee must perform a pre employment medical examination in [Insert here authorized hospitals or clinics, if any].
  • The medical examination must include [Insert medical tests required].
  • The results of the examination must be submitted to the HR department on or before [Insert deadline]
  • (Optional) The prospective employee must obtain a medical clearance from the company physician regarding the results of the medical exam

Assess the availability of exam clinics

Not all medical examinations can be performed in small clinics. HR must have a list of clinics or hospitals that offer the required medical examination.

Pre employment medical Hemmant City services offer different packages for medical exams. Packages will most likely include the following:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecalysis
  • Physical examination
  • Drug test
  • Chest X-ray

For complex examinations, HR must instruct employees on how to secure an examination schedule and how to get to the testing centre.

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