Pool Maintenance Tips to Pass Inspection

If you are a property manager or owner with its own swimming pool, it is important that you pass pool inspection. There are several reasons why inspections are done but it is mostly to ensure the safety of those who dare swim in the pool. Experts recommend that you should have your pools inspected at least once a year. This is also a good time to ensure that you have complied with the federal and other state requirements within your property’s swimming pool operations. Before you call on a professional pool inspection Brisbane Southside company, you need to accomplish your job prior, to ensure that you pass the inspection.
Below are practical maintenance tips to consider for your pool in order to get passing marks from professional pool inspection in Brisbane Southside:
1. Always test the water chemistry in the pool. This is something that a lot of property managers took for granted. But if you want to maintain your pool and ensure passing rate from pool inspection Brisbane Southside firms, then you have to undertake water chemistry testing yourself. The test will measure the levels of alkaline, pH, chlorine, cyanuric and phosphorous in the water. The test will also ensure the clarity of the water and presence of algae.
2. Always install safety features and precautionary warnings in and around the pool area. This is a must when you are operating a swimming pool that is open to public access. All pools should have a depth marker so that swimmers will be able to know how deep the water is before they dive into the pool. This is especially required when you have opened a kiddie swimming pool.
3. Always maintain safety first. For instance, there should be adequate handrails and drains in the pool area. There must also be emergency safety and rescue equipment on hand, as well as first aid kits. You should not limit safety inspection and assessment to the surrounding area within the pool. The surrounding fences and enclosures should be measured correctly and decks must be in tip top condition, too.
4. All operating system and equipment within the pool should be functional. This includes the drains, water flow and suction, flow meters and valves, vacuum, pressure gauges and more. If you need to hire a professional to fix them (if needed), you should go ahead and do that before a Brisbane Southside pool inspection company has a look at it.
5. Proper signage should be installed. Your goal is to make it easier for the guests to locate the main features of the property, such as shower area, phone location, etc. Safety signs should also be clearly visible. If there are no lifeguards on duty or if you prohibit diving, then make sure there is a signage to indicate that for your guests’ safety.
Have you done your own self-assessment on your property? You are now ready to get in touch with a pool inspection Brisbane Southside company. Visit Fortress Pool Inspections at http://www.fortresspoolinspections.com.au/pool-inspection-brisbane-southside to bring your pool up to code. The company also has repair professionals who can fix your pool if needed.

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