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Tips on Hiring Maid Services in Chicago

“I need someone to clean my house Chicago is becoming too big for me, I hardly get time to clean”.  You have probably heard this statement at one point or another. Hectic programs, fast-paced lifestyles and lack of free time have forced many people to opt for maid services Chicago has to offer. Having a maid in your home is a good thing as you are able to spend quality time with your family in addition to having a thoroughly clean house. But you need to be totally convinced about a maid before letting one into your house. You should consider the following points when hiring maid services in Chicago:

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As you consult with maid service companies, you need to ask if their maids have at least a worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask for proof. Insurance is especially important, because without it, you could be held accountable for injuries or accidents done by your maid. Do not rely on your home owner policy as some do not cover people working in your home.


You need to be completely sure that the maid services are reliable. Maid services in Chicago have evolved over the years and people rely on references to determine their reliability. Ask the maid service company to provide you telephone numbers of past and recent clients. When calling the references, be sure to ask about their quality of work, what their personality is like and if the referee can enthusiastically recommend the maid.

Quality assurance

How will you verify the quality of work? Find out the procedures of quality assurance provided by the maid service company in terms of the ways in which quality is measured and verified to ensure that it is maintained at the required standard. Ensure that the maid you hire understands these procedures. Cleaning services for homes in Chicago monitor the quality of work done by their maids through supervisors who visit them at their workplace.

Cleaning products and equipment

Some maid service companies will supply you with cleaning products and equipment while others will not. If they do supply, ask about the type of products they use and if they contain chemicals that can harm little children and pets. Choose a company that uses environmentally friendly products such as the “green” products. If cleaning equipment is provided, counter check the efficiency and safety.

Employee screening

What is the track record of the maid? You should ensure you get an answer to this question before you sign the contract. Ask if the residential status is confirmed and criminal background checks administered. Ensure that the maid service company has not subcontracted the maid. Subcontractors do not provide well trained employees and may not also provide liability insurance.


How much to hire a maid Chicago best, is a concern for many. The costs of maid services in Chicago vary from company to company. You need to know the criteria used to pay the maid service provider. Is it hourly fees or flat fees? If it is on an hourly basis you must agree on the number of working hours to avoid instances where the maid stretches out work to take more time.